Maximize Your Operations with the Power of Supply Chain Performance Visibility

Data is most powerful when it provides you with actionable insights. This means the information you’re getting isn’t only telling you something, it’s showing you how to make progress toward your goals.

We designed AgiSight with just that in mind. The idea is to not only provide you with a look at all your data in one place, while delivering a single source of truth, but also to show you what action steps you can take in that moment that will have the biggest impact on your supply chain moving forward.

Consider how this might work at a granular level.

Let’s say you’re a warehouse operator looking at inventory data and you see that a certain item has a specific number of missed picks. You want to solve that problem, but you could waste weeks trying to figure out what caused all the missed picks.

That’s solved if you have AgiSight, because you’ll see the data right up front that will tell you where the problem is. Is there something wrong with the unit of measure? AgiSight will show you that. Maybe the labeling on the package has an issue. Or maybe the picker is going to the location, finding there is no inventory, thus exposing an incorrect replenishment strategy.
AgiSight will red flag any factor like this so you can easily follow the breadcrumbs to the root cause. You’ll be able to determine if it’s a matter of human error, an issue with the item or an issue with how the customer placed the order.

Another good example is bottlenecks, and what caused them.

AgiSight shows you if the previous part of the process is keeping things tied up, or if there’s an issue with replenishing or receiving. The critical point is that you see from the data where the holdup is and you can also see what steps to take to alleviate the problem.

That’s actionable data.

Now let’s go up a level: maybe you have a product that isn’t selling well but you’re storing a lot of it. Before you just guess at the best way to go, what does the data tell you? A good place to start is with the cost-to-serve metrics and the trends that will be visible there. You might find relatively simple steps you can take that will improve both sales performance and profitability.

Let’s go up even one more level: What if you’re comparing your company’s performance to industry standards and benchmarks and you notice that you’re currently at a certain pick rate, while your peer group is at a much higher pick rate. How can you improve?

AgiSight will show you detailed analysis of the factors that would lead to a low pick rate. It will do the same with issues like cost per unit and inventory turns.

For anyone running a distribution center, this information is gold because it gives you a starting point whenever one of these metrics starts tracking in the wrong direction.

The industry often talks about supply chain visibility, and we understand why. Everyone is striving to see as much of the information as they can, as easily as they can. But we’re adding to the concept and talking about supply chain performance visibility. It’s the actionable insights that allow you to not only see the information but deploy it to address performance issues and get better.

What would it be worth to you to save the time and effort required to do these deep investigations and understand what’s causing these shortcomings in your operation?
How much would you benefit if you could see it right there on your screen, along with the clear and obvious path for how to make things better?” That is why we created AgiSight.

Because you deserve a tool that powerful to help you make your operations the best they can be.

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