AgiSight – The Future of Supply Chain

It’s time for the supply chain industry to have a simple, turnkey tool for streamlining and analyzing all of its data. AgiSight is that tool. For many years, Agillitics developed custom solutions for every client who needed to break down silos and eliminate data complexity. But, we noticed that many clients’ challenges were similar, and we became convinced we could help clients more quickly and effectively with a turnkey solution. So, we standardized the solution by building AgiSight.

The Benefits of AgiSight

The AgiSight Platform is a great step towards best-in-class supply chain visibility. The platform ensures quick time to value and measurable ROI since modules can be implemented in as little as 90 days. These are only a few of the benefits it provides:

  • Non-invasive, cloud-based data ingestion
  • Clean, current and harmonized data via a Unified Digital Supply Chain Model
  • Savings across functions and departments (transportation/logistics, manufacturing, warehousing, procurement and merchandising)
  • Supply chain performance visibility and KPIs across functions and time
  • Measurable ROI targets leading to increased revenue, improved margins, strengthened risk management and heightened asset efficiency
  • Data Sharing to customers internal lake

AgiSight – Spanning the Breadth of Supply Chain

AgiSight comes from a unique combination of skills that could only be found at Agillitics. We start with a deep knowledge of the supply chain industry and its unique data challenges. We add an unparalleled technology background. And finally, we add the wisdom that showed us we didn’t have to build this from scratch – but could piece it together using existing, configurable cloud-based tools.
Get unprecedented PO visibility. See the life cycle of an order like never before. Get the complete picture of how your warehouse labor is performing. All without having to invest substantial time and resources organizing and analyzing the data. And finally, we add the wisdom so that we don’t have to build this from scratch. We can piece it together using existing, configurable cloud-based tools.

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