Data Strategy & Design

Agillitics works with companies on data strategy by taking a comprehensive approach that aligns data initiatives with business goals and objectives. This involves understanding the company's data landscape, identifying areas for improvement, and developing a customized roadmap that outlines specific actions to achieve the desired outcomes.

We help companies define data governance frameworks, build data architectures, and implement solutions for data integration, management, analytics, and reporting. They work closely with stakeholders to ensure that the data strategy is implemented effectively and achieves the desired results. Agillitics also provides training and support to help companies build their internal data capabilities and ensure ongoing success.

Agillitics Data Foundation Supply Chain Partners & Technologies

Graphic demonstrating how data flows within the platform

For supply chain companies who need to use their own technology rather than implementing AgiSight, we can make use of the AgiSight platform to design, configure and implement your own custom system to optimize your data. This is the legacy service we have offered for the past nine years – implementing the logic of AgiSight on your own technology, behind your own firewall and on your own database. Agillitics will help you select and implement the right databases and data integrations while helping with data mapping and data sources. At the end of the process, you take ownership of the infrastructure while still benefiting from the innovative ideas behind AgiSight.

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