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Providing high-level decision-makers within organizations with comprehensive, actionable intelligence derived from the analysis and visualization of various supply chain metrics and trends, enabling strategic planning, risk mitigation and fostering agility in responding to dynamic market conditions..

"Thanks to the Executive Insights module, we've finally gained a holistic understanding of our labor and inventory across our network. No more juggling disparate reports and drowning in Excel sheets. This tool has streamlined our operations, providing invaluable clarity and efficiency in decision-making. It's like having a clear aerial view of our entire landscape, allowing us to navigate with precision and confidence.."

-Leading Beauty Retailer

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Trusted Supply Chain Expertise

Agillitics, with its seasoned team from top supply chain firms, brings invaluable expertise to AgiSight, its innovative platform. With years of hands-on supply chain management experience, Agillitics understands the complexities of optimizing supply chains across industries, equipping AgiSight with a tailored toolkit for modern operations. Beyond theory, Agillitics has a proven track record implementing supply chain solutions, ensuring AgiSight's efficacy in real-world scenarios. Integrating insights from diverse business landscapes, Agillitics empowers businesses to navigate supply chain complexities with precision. This pedigree fortifies AgiSight as a trusted ally for enterprises driving sustainable growth.

Master Your Supply Chain with Executive Insights

AgiSight provides executives with a comprehensive, real-time view of key supply chain metrics, facilitating informed decision-making through unified data aggregation, industry-leading scorecards, and network-level insights, enhancing accountability and enabling proactive management for competitive advantage.
    • Network-Level View of Key Metrics:: Comprehensive network-level view of key metrics around warehousing, inventory and labor . This means executives gain a holistic understanding of their organization’s performance across various departments, locations, and partners. This broader perspective enables better decision-making by identifying trends, patterns, and areas for improvement across the entire network.

    • Scorecards of Key Supply Performance Metrics: Executives have access to scorecards of industry leading key supply performance metrics. These scorecards provide a quick, visual representation of essential performance indicators, allowing executives to easily track progress towards goals, monitor performance against benchmarks, and pinpoint areas needing attention. This feature enhances accountability and facilitates proactive management of the supply chain.
Moving gif showing data from many systems flowing into a unified data model for analytical processing by the AgiSight platform
    • Unified Data from Multiple Data Sources: Data aggregation from multiple sources into a single, unified platform. By integrating data from various systems, such as ERP, Warehouse, TMS and Labor, executives gain a comprehensive and accurate view of their organization’s operations. This unified data approach eliminates silos, reduces data fragmentation, and ensures consistency, enabling executives to make informed decisions based on reliable information.

    • Real-Time Decision-making: Executives can access up-to-the-minute information on supply chain performance, market trends, and customer demands. This real-time visibility enables agile decision-making, faster response to market changes, and the ability to capitalize on emerging opportunities. By staying ahead of competitors with timely insights, organizations using AgiSight gain a competitive edge in today’s fast-paced business environment

Executive Insights Fundamentals

Network Scorecard: This scorecard summarizes both the network-level report and the network capacity report, incorporating additional insights such as assigning a score to each warehouse in your network based on their performance in labor management, inventory handling, transportation efficiency, customer relations, and forecasting accuracy. This report serves as a comprehensive resource for all high-level network-wide analytics and insights.

Network Level Reporting: The Network Level report is designed to offer executive supply chain members a concise overview of labor metrics across all facilities. This enables them to monitor overall labor performance across all distribution centers without delving into individual employee-level details.

Network Capacity Reporting: The Network Capacity report shifts focus from labor to inventory management, offering a swift overview of inventory levels for each distribution center (DC) and delving into granular zone-level details for each DC. Warehouse and regional managers utilize this tool to make informed decisions about redistributing inventory, determining which DCs need to reduce inventory levels and which ones have capacity for growth.

Carrier Scorecard: This report utilizes carrier-specific metrics, including on-time percentage, units per carrier, freight by mode, freight cost by carrier, and other relevant indicators, to generate a performance grade for each carrier. This report offers executives a consolidated overview, enabling them to swiftly grasp the efficiency of their carrier operations

Supplier Scorecard: This scorecard analyzes various metrics related to the number of defects received from each supplier, aggregating data such as monetary value, product category, and product class to form an overall assessment for individual suppliers or groups of suppliers

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