Labor Insights

Drive unprecedented unified labor visibility and optimization with a scalable, customizable, and comprehensive labor management analytics platform powered by a next generation unified data model.

"I can't express enough how Agisight’s Labor Insights has transformed our workforce management within our distribution center. The real-time data and actionable insights provided by Agillitics have not only improved our operational efficiency but also significantly reduced labor costs."

-Fortune 100 CPG retailer

KPIs of Focus

Labor Insights KPIs & Metrics

Cost Per Unit

Sample Key Metrics

Total Labor Hours
Earned Time
Gap %
Direct Labor %
Activity Analysis

Top to Bottom
Labor Visibility


Work Center

Data Collected

Total Time
Earned Time
Gap Time
Indirect Time
Overlap Time
3 boxes stacked to show inventory

Time Collected


Drive Enterprise-Wide
Efficiency and Savings

Smarter, faster, fully optimized labor data

Unprecedented supply chain analytics software that generates more value, produces more results, and provides previously impossible levels of cost mitigation

  • Same Systems, Better Outcomes: Combine all the data you are collecting into AgiSight’s proprietary unified data model, break down data silos and embrace a single source of truth for your operations, without replacing existing solutions.
  • No Need for Data Scientists: Enjoy out-of-the-box leading KPI, metrics, and visualization and skip the time, money, vendor evaluations, and hiring headaches required to build a similar solution internally.
  • Real-Time Supply Chain Analytics: Ensure your operations achieve and remain in a fully optimized state through real time cloud data ingestion, analysis, and reporting of all of your supply chain data.
  • Rapid Time to Value: Thanks to our turnkey solution, ease of implementation, and ease of use; enjoy ROI in 90 days or less

Get Ahead of the Curve and Stay There.

Skip the massive investments in time, money, and resources and reap the benefits of a modern labor data platform solution that is designed by supply chain experts, for supply chain experts

  • Real-Time Inefficiency Identification: Locate inefficiencies wherever they are hiding in your labor operations and get prescriptive insights on how to fix them.
  • Save Money and Optimize Spend: Quickly ascertain major cost contributors across the entirety of your labor operations and the best ways to mitigate them.
  • Holistic Visibility and Analysis of Your Entire Labor Network: Get scorecards that outline performance at every level of your network with reports that get as granular as individual worker scoring, but can zoom out to network-wide scoring.
  • Manage and Optimize Labor Allocation: Get detailed analysis of current labor allocation, utilization, as well as insights into current and future workloads, waves, and actionable intelligence on how to optimize for them.
  • Unified Labor Data: Combine all of your labor and operational data from warehouse management software, automation, and time clocks into our proprietary unified data model for one-stop shop for all labor analytics.

Labor Insights Fundamentals

Labor Detail: Can analyze individual labor transactions, find anomalous activity on an individual or team level- it gives an actionable review of the engineered labor standards program to identify areas where the labor itself can be improved.
Employee Exceptions: Highlighting anomalies in the process, like inactivity, missed picks, short picks, and search for actionable items/employees that are repeat offenders- proactively looking for issues and attribute the causality to employee, item, location, or process.
Labor Balancing: Being able to analyze area of the warehouse, remaining work, and estimate remaining time base on engineered labor standard- allows for efficient allocation of labor to complete outstanding tasks in an optimized fashion
Supervisor Scorecard: In a single screen we can look at shift level, department level, work center level data, depending on what your role is you can gain insights into supervisor effectiveness and productivity- and highlight anomalous team performance from a high level.
Employee Scorecard: See all the metrics on a team or individual level, by having insights into productivity, time management, and more this gives managers the tools they need to optimize team and individual productivity.

Demo Video

“It's like having a strategic partner that empowers us to make informed decisions, ultimately driving success for our business. Agillitics has truly revolutionized the way we approach workforce planning and management.”

-Fortune 500 Supermarket Chain

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