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Based in Atlanta, Agillitics was founded in 2014 when we recognized the challenges that companies faced in the supply chain industry: Too many companies were data-rich and insight-poor. They had plenty of data, more than ever. But, too much of it was silo’d. It originated on different systems and platforms. There was no harmony, no common understanding of what it all meant, and no simple way for supply chain companies to unify data to get one, single truth. The uncontrollable data prevented companies from making well-informed decisions to drive their business success. 
And then came Agillitics . . .

Tim Judge

Agillitics Overview

Leaders often struggle to make good supply chain decisions because of messy and scattered data. Agillitics helps companies improve their supply chains by reducing data complexity to enable smarter and faster decision-making.

The company was founded in 2014

Headquartered in Atlanta

Combined 200+ Supply Chain Systems & BI implementations

Associates have supply chain and data science background

Work with 25+ BI/Analytics & SC software Platforms

Meet the Leadership Team

Reed J. Stepleman

Vice President Solutions

Keith Robbins

Vice President of Services

Tim Judge, CEO

An expert in both the supply chain field and in the application of technology, Tim Judge is uniquely qualified to lead Agillitics in its mission to serve as a life ring for data-rich, insight poor supply chain companies. Tim is a Certified Supply Chain Professional (CSCP) and Lean Six Sigma Master Black belt. He also earned a Master of Business Administration in the management of technology from Georgia Tech’s Scheller School of Business.
Rising through the industry with RedPrairie, Manhattan Associates, Enterra Solutions and enVista, Tim saw first-hand how critical it is for supply chain companies to be able to deploy their data to achieve full visibility and drive great decisions. He also recognized how siloed information and complex processes are inhibiting companies from achieving that vision.

Reed J. Stepleman,
Vice President Solutions

An industry veteran with more than 25 years of supply chain experience, Reed works closely with business partners to help Agillitics function as a trusted advisor to clients. His background includes 20 years as a senior design architect, focused on professional services, with Manhattan Associates, followed by a stint consulting with clients for Deloitte.
Reed joined Agillitics in March 2021, and applies his background in management consulting to the design and implementation of data management solutions for supply chain companies.
With bachelor’s and master’s degrees in industrial engineering, Reed recognizes the importance of data in supply chain operations and plays a critical role in applying Agillitics insights and technology to empower every client.

Keith Robbins,
Vice President of Services

For more than a decade, Keith has proven to be one of the supply chain industry’s leading specialists in supply chain assessments, transformations and implementations. With extensive experience implementing warehouse management systems, Keith has worked in recent years with international Fortune 500 companies in the multi-channel retail, food distribution, wholesale distribution, 3PL and life science industries.
Prior to joining Agillitics in 2016, Keith gained experience in the industry with Manhattan & Associates, AmerisourceBergen, TEKS Management and enVista.

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