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From transportation modeling to planning and visibility, AgiSight empowers all your critical logistics and transportation decisions from a single platform. Whether collaborating with freight forwarders, parcel providers, common or dedicated carriers, or managing your private fleet, AgiSight enables you to leverage your data for quicker, more informed decisions that directly impact your supply chain.

"Before using AgiSight, we needed to manually get data from 3PLs, carriers, and our TMS and ERP systems to make sense of our true spend. Now we have all of that data and true costs in one place and can run scenarios to improve our service levels and overall freight spend..."

-Fortune 500 CPG retailer

KPIs of Focus

Labor Insights KPIs & Metrics

Cost Per Unit

Sample Key Metrics

Total Labor Hours
Earned Time
Gap %
Direct Labor %
Activity Analysis

Top to Bottom
Labor Visibility


Work Center

Data Collected

Total Time
Earned Time
Gap Time
Indirect Time
Overlap Time
3 boxes stacked to show inventory

Time Collected


Drive Enterprise-Wide
Efficiency and Savings

Smarter, Faster, and Fully Optimized Logistics

  • Full Life Cycle Visibility of PO, ASN, and Product Across the Supply Chain: Combine all the logistics data you are collecting into AgiSight’s proprietary unified data model, break down data silos and embrace complete visibility across your logistics network.
  • Achieve Transportation Agility and Resilience: Enjoy out-of-the-box leading KPIs, metrics, and visualizations while skipping the time, money, vendor evaluations, and hiring headaches required to build a similar solution internally.
  • Freight Performance Accountability: Ensure your freight operations achieve and remain in a fully optimized state through real time cloud data ingestion, analysis, and reporting of all of your logistics data.
  • Understand Your True Freight Spend and Ensure You Are Paying Your Fair Share: Take command of your freight spend and ensure you aren’t leaving money on the table with comprehensive analytics and accurate insights on freight spend.

Better Analytics Make Better Operations

  • Improved Service Levels and On Time Deliveries: Drive better customer satifaction by ensuring te right products are delivered to the right people when they need them.
  • More Efficient Operations: Drive better operational performance through better rate selection, better load optimization, optimal driver utilization, and more...
  • Lower-Cost Mode and Carrier Selections: Leverage AgiSight modeling to easily identify optimal transportation modes to lower costs while meeting service levels. By analyzing current carrier rates and performance history, you can ensure you always have the right partners in place.
  • Eliminate Demurrage, Dwell Time, and Accessorial Fees: Get detailed analysis of current demurrage, dwell time, and accessorial fees, as well as actionable intelligence on how to optimize for them in near real-time.
  • Safety and Customs Compliance: Ensure every safety and customs SOP is followed completely and correctly for every order going through your network.

Logistics Insights Fundamentals

PO/ASN Visibility: Enjoy real-time, end-to-end visibility into every PO and ASN working through your network. Ensure you know where every shipment is no matter which leg of it’s journey it is on.

Freight Command Center: Have a comprehensive understanding of how your freight operations are performing. In a single screen, have access to key metrics such as Freight as a % of Sales, Average Outbound Shipment Cost by Mode, Average Inbound Shipment Cost by Mode, Geographic insights, and many more.

Carrier Scorecard: Take command of your carrier performance with metrics such as: freight cost by carrier, YTD on time percentage, On time departures, per month, and many more including an overall grade of your carrier’s performance.

Network Optimization Scenario Comparison: Optimize your entire network digitally before rolling it out in the real world. Break down different scenario’s by cost buckets, lane group, and fine tune your operations to maximize productivity while minimizing costs.

Greenfield Scenario Comparison: Plan your networks expansion with confidence. Leverage AgiSight’s greenfield scenario comparison report to predict where new distribution centers will have the greatest impact. 

Cost to Serve Analysis: In a single screen understand your complete cost to serve. Break down costs by facility and type and quickly understand the delta between baseline costs and optimized baseline costs.

Inbound Logistics Scheduling: Have complete view of all inbound logistics scheduling metrics including: average appointment duration, remaining units vs total units, cross dock units vs total units, use the analysis to fully optimize dock door activities..

Safety and Customs Scorecard: In a single screen take inventory of the most important metrics when it comes to your network’s safety and customs compliance. Metrics highlighted include: Safety Metrics, Performance rates, Incident Response Time, Tariff Exemptions and Custom Documentation errors, and many more.

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