Passionate about Data, Career Growth and Innovative Technology

Our consultants are passionate about utilizing data to accelerate the Supply Chains of our customers and the opportunity to work on challenging and innovative projects that are at the forefront of the industry. If you have the same passion, join Agillitics and bring data to life.

Current job opportunities at Agillitics

What is the DNA of an Agillitics Consultant?


Humility in a team member shows up as a lack of excessive ego or concerns about status. They are quick to share credit, praise others freely, and sometimes even forego credit due to them in the interest of celebrating the team’s collective win. They demonstrate strong alignment towards the team’s goals and prioritize collective wins over individual ones. Humble team players are self-confident, but not arrogant.


Hungry people are always looking for more. They are intrinsically motivated, diligent, and have a strong desire to do more by going above and beyond. Hungry people do not have to be pushed by their managers to perform; they are constantly looking for more responsibility and thinking about the next step and the next opportunity (for the team).


Smart is not just IQ but includes emotional intelligence and interpersonal awareness: The capability to conduct oneself in a group situation and deal with others in the most effective way. Emotionally intelligent people ask good questions, listen to what others are saying, and stay engaged in conversations intently. Smart people exercise great judgment and intuition around the subtleties of group dynamics and are fully aware of the effect their words will have on the team.

Growth Mindset:

In a growth mindset, people believe that their most basic abilities can be developed through dedication and hard work—brains and talent are just the starting point. This view creates a love of learning and resilience that is essential for great accomplishment.

Life at Agillitics

We believe true fulfillment within a company comes from Collaboration, Respect, Growth and Giving. When you join Agillitics, you become part of an extended family that is invested in your journey to grow and make an impact.


Our culture of collaboration between colleges, managers, and customers ensures we always have each other’s back. This enables us to provide more value to our customers than anyone else.

Respect/ Appreciation

At Agillitics we work to maintain a respectful environment for everyone. As well as show both our team members and our customers our appreciation for all that they do and achieve.


We believe in continuous and never-ending improvement and learning is at the core of everything we do. When you join Agillitics you become part of the Agillitics brain, which is stronger than the sum of its parts. We believe the best way to learn is to teach and you will always find someone excited to teach you new skills.

Give 1:1:1

Agillitics follows the 1:1:1 Pledge and Philanthropy model. Each year Agillitics donates 1% of company profits to an employee-selected charity, we give each employee 1% time off to work on a non-profit of choice, and we allocate 1% of all project work free of charge to a non-profit organization.

"I spent the first part of my career in the depths of functional supply chain and the 2nd part in Information Technology Leadership to help IT teams understand the needs of the business.  I chose Agillitics because they recognized the importance of breaking down informational barriers for Operations teams by utilizing cutting-edge technology to simplify complex data and drive better business decisions. The family-like atmosphere was icing on the cake."

- Danny Breiner

"Agillitics has presented myself and my colleagues with ample opportunity to learn new skills, advance our careers, and collaborate with clients through a wide array of data-driven projects. With peer collaboration, creative solutions, and a wealth of knowledge, there is little that we at Agillitics cannot deliver."

- Hunter Weimar

“Having a ‘growth mindset’ is one of the cornerstone values at Agillitics and is embodied every day by the people I work with. Agillitcs consistently enables and encourages me to explore different facets of data to explore my interests and bring additional expertise to our customers.”

- Morgan McGuinn

Benefits and Perks

Competitive Salary & Bonus Plan

We offer industry-competitive salaries, along with multiple opportunities for quarterly bonuses for achieving company core values and targets.

401K Match

We offer up to a 4% match of your salary in retirement contributions to ensure you are saving for the future.

Investment in You

We offer multiple ways for you to grow your skills including paid tuition reimbursement, paid industry training and the ability to attend industry conferences.

Corporate Events

We love celebrating the accomplishments of our team members! From dinners to White Water Rafting to Braves games and volunteering, our quarterly events are always a hit with the team.

Health Insurance

We offer multiple medical, dental, and vision options for employees, spouses and eligible dependents to choose from based on their needs

Paid Time Off

We offer competitive, flexible paid time off, paid sick days, paid volunteer day and 8 paid holidays per year as well as 1 floating Holiday.

Other Insurance

We offer Life Insurance, Short- and Long-Term Disability, and AD&D coverage (fully paid for by Agillitics)

Flexible Schedule

While we believe the in-office time is imperative for collaboration and growth, at Agillitics we understand that life happens, and flexibility is important.

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