When Agillitics opened for business in 2014, we were motivated by the growing number of platforms that were spitting out data – and how complicated that was making it for the supply chain industry to deal with data.

It’s on your enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, your transportation management system (TMS), your warehouse management system (WMS) – for many companies, data could be sitting on six or seven different platforms. All of them are giving different messages, different angles, different contexts for that data.

We saw supply chain companies investing considerable money and hours in the effort to extract all this data and put it into a form that the company could use.

In response to this, we developed a highly successful practice consulting with companies on how to streamline the process and get to the data they needed. For client after client, we designed custom solutions that eliminated the complexity. We took companies that were data-rich but insight-poor and showed them how to extract the insight from the data.

That all started nine years ago, and over the course of those years we noticed something: Even when we’re doing custom system design, we found ourselves repeating the same design elements with just about everyone.

It was great in the sense that we knew this territory like the back of our hands, but we also recognized the opportunity to build most of the core solution one time – then help companies tailor it to their individual needs.

This is how AgiSight was born.

“AgiSight is a turnkey system that provides an end-to-end supply chain data platform,” said Tim Judge, president and CEO of Agillitics. “It enables best-in-class supply chain visibility and a single version of the truth, supported by a Unified Data Model that enables visibility and KPIs that cross the breadth of the supply chain. You go from an overwhelming cacophony of data to an easy-to-manage dashboard that presents everything you need to know.”

The system is so easy to implement and so simple to use, Agillitics is confidently telling customers they can expect to see a return on their investment within 90 days.

“We wouldn’t say that if we hadn’t demonstrated it in the trenches,” said Reed Stepleman, vice president of Agillitics. “Most companies in the supply chain industry know they’re sitting on goldmines of data, but they’ve never had a way to simply and quickly get the most value out of it. With AgiSight, the deployment is so quick and the use of the platform is so easy, they really do get to the ROI with astonishing speed.”

Supply chain companies wanting to get the most value out of their data should (contact us) today to get started using AgiSight.