Navigating the Supply Chain Horizon: AgiSight’s New Year’s Resolutions for 2024 

Unlocking Efficiency, Visibility, and Precision in the Supply Chain

by Reed Stepleman 

As we usher in a new year, the world of supply chain management and analytics is undergoing a transformative evolution, and at the forefront of this change is AgiSight. In 2024, AgiSight is not just setting resolutions; it’s embarking on a bold journey to revolutionize the landscape of supply chain management. From leveraging the power of Morgan AI’s Gurus for Warehouse Labor and Warehouse Inventory to achieving end-to-end supply chain visibility, AgiSight is poised to tackle the industry’s pain points head-on. 

Resolving Warehouse Woes with Morgan AI’s Gurus

In the realm of warehouse management, labor and inventory are often the two pillars that determine operational success. The pain of getting timely data fast and efficiently without a masters in SQL, is at the core of delivering results.  Agillitics recognizes this, and as part of its 2024 resolutions, the company is integrating Morgan AI’s Warehouse Guru, to streamline and optimize warehouse operations. 

Morgan AI’s Labor Guru is set to revolutionize how easily labor resources can be allocated and reallocated within warehouses with the right data at your fingertips. By harnessing the power of artificial intelligence, AgiSight aims to create smarter, more efficient workflows, reducing downtime and enhancing overall productivity. Additionally, Morgan AI’s other Gurus will play a pivotal role in inventory management, ensuring stock levels, inventory accuracy are continuously monitored to ensure visibility to impending stock-outs or lost inventory. 

End-to-End Supply Chain Visibility: Tracking from Manufacturer to End Customer 

One of the most significant challenges in the supply chain is the lack of comprehensive visibility. AgiSight aims to change this by establishing end-to-end visibility, starting from the manufacturer and culminating at the end customer. 

Tracking purchase orders from the manufacturer to the end customer will become a seamless process, facilitated by AgiSight’s cutting-edge technology. This end-to-end visibility ensures that every step of the supply chain is accounted for, providing real-time insights into the movement of products and enabling proactive decision-making. 

Precision in Delivery: Package Tracking from Warehouse to End Customer 

Customer satisfaction hinges on timely and accurate deliveries. AgiSight’s 2024 resolutions include implementing a robust package tracking system that spans from the warehouse to the end customer. This means that not only will the internal warehouse processes be optimized, but the entire delivery journey will be transparent through our Unified Data Model, allowing customers to track their packages with precision. 

Enhanced KPIs and Metrics: Perfect Order, OTIF, Freight Cost % of Sales 

AgiSight recognizes that key performance indicators (KPIs) and metrics are the lifeblood of effective supply chain management. In 2024, the company is introducing additional leading KPIs and metrics, including Perfect Order, On Time in Full (OTIF), and Freight Cost % of Sales. 

Perfect Order KPI measures the accuracy and completeness of orders, ensuring that each order meets the customer’s expectations flawlessly. OTIF, on the other hand, focuses on the timely delivery of products, contributing to customer satisfaction and loyalty. Introducing Freight Cost % of Sales provides a holistic view of transportation costs, enabling businesses to optimize logistics expenditure. 

Harnessing the Power of Databricks: AgiSight Data Destination 

In a digital age, data is king, and AgiSight is taking a giant leap forward by adding Databricks as an AgiSight data destination. This integration will enhance data processing capabilities, allowing for advanced analytics and insights with databricks Lakehouse.  We understand companies utilize different data lakes and Agillitics is ensuring the most popular solutions are supported.   

AgiSight’s resolutions for 2024 are not just aspirations; they represent a commitment to reshaping the future of supply chain management. By leveraging Morgan AI’s Gurus, establishing end-to-end supply chain visibility, enhancing delivery precision, introducing new KPIs and metrics, and integrating Databricks as a data destination, AgiSight is setting the stage for a supply chain revolution. As we step into the new year, the horizon looks promising, and AgiSight is leading the way toward a more efficient, transparent, and resilient supply chain ecosystem. 

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