Agillitics Releases AgiSight 2.0,
With New Labor Insight Module

New Version of Data Analysis Platform Will Provide
Unprecedented Information to Help Warehouse Operators

ATLANTA, July 31, 2023 – Agillitics, an industry-leading firm helping the supply chain sector get more value out of its data, has announced a second version of its popular AgiSight data platform.

AgiSight is a first-of-its-kind, SaaS-based platform that allows clients to view all their data – from every otherwise siloed location – via a dashboard. The new 2.0 version will include a Labor Insight Module, which builds on AgiSight’s existing labor insights to provide a powerful tool empowering warehouse operators to master the challenges of labor management.

“In recent months, 70 percent of the outreach we get from customers is about labor issues,” said Tim Judge, co-founder and CEO of Agillitics. “They see the rise of trends like re-shoring and near-shoring – as well as the jump in labor and real estate costs – and they need even more powerful data. That’s why we created this Labor Insight Module.”

Among other features, the Labor Insight Module will:

  • Make it easy to compare the performance of different distribution centers within the same distribution network.
  • Allow supervisors to analyze team performances down to the strongest and weakest performers, including the details of why certain workers are struggling.
  • Demonstrate how, when and why certain workers struggled with a particular task, even down to the hour.
  • Give warehouse operators specific guidance about how many workers to deploy, and which ones, in a given picking area for a specific shift – based on the tasks and the track records of the workers.
  • Provide detailed information to help warehouse operators plan for staffing during peak times.
  • Tell supervisors which employees to send home during slow times, based on performance data.
  • Give employees the opportunity to see data on their own performances and develop improvement strategies.

Existing AgiSight users will be able to add the Labor Insight Module to their platforms via an update link the company will provide. Supply chain companies who are not currently using AgiSight are urged not to miss out on this opportunity.

“We believe the data offered within the Labor Insight Module can save warehouse operators up to 5 percent per unit,” Judge said. “Considering the volume most warehouses handle, that amounts to a massive financial savings, especially when you compare it to the cost of our software, which is a mere fraction of that.”

Atlanta-based Agillitics employs more than 25 supply chain data scientists and has worked with the leading companies in the supply chain/logistics industry.

About Agillitics

Founded in 2014 and based in Atlanta, Agillitics serves the supply chain/logistics industry by providing a life ring to companies drowning in complex data challenges. Through its turnkey, SaaS-based platform known as AgiSight, Agillitics makes it easier for companies to bring forth data from multiple platforms, harmonize it under a Unified Digital Supply Chain Model and deploy it to get better visibility on everything from order lifecycles and warehouse operations to the profitability of various customers and products.

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