We just spent four days at the Manhattan Momentum Conference in Phoenix, talking with so many Manhattan users about their experiences with the software and the data it produces.

A Manhattan conference is like going home for us, because all of our top company leaders spent a lot of time working there and we know perfectly well what Manhattan software allows you to accomplish with your supply chain enterprise operations.

Of course, what we do at Agillitics is take all that powerful data and bring it together in a single, united platform known as AgiSight, which makes it easy for you to gain insights from that data and use it to make better decisions.

We had many great conversations about this at our booth. We had at least 50 different companies stop by and ask to learn more – and take advantage of the opportunity to demo the platform. Just about every company who stopped by asked questions about how AgiSight could help solve their unique business challenges.

And many companies weren’t aware that we had released a platform they could implement on their own, independent of a full-scale consulting engagement, so they were even more intrigued to hear about it.

Most of the people we talked to at the conference said they are looking to move to Manhattan’s cloud, which is a great move – and also a perfect fit for them to become AgiSight users. AgiSight ties perfectly into these software strategies, which is why we’re Manhattan’s exclusive partner in this area.

So thank you to everyone who came! We had a great time at the booth.

I also appreciated the opportunity to present, along with our customer RNDC, at one of the most well-attended sessions of the entire conference. It was titled “Mixing up the Perfect Unified Data Model Cocktail,” and attendees told us they learned a lot about how important it is to be working with unified data. That, of course, is exactly why AgiSight exists.

It’s always good to talk to Manhattan users, especially at a time like this in the industry. We’re following up with many of you already, and we expect to see the conversations continue in the months to come. 

If AgiSight sounds like the solution to your business challenges, contact us at the information below.