Manhattan is one of the biggest names in supply chain execution software, and no one understands why better than we do. We are Manhattan veterans, after all.

All of the key leaders in our company (Tim, Reed, Keith and Brady) worked for Manhattan. Between us we have more than 50 years of experience there. We know their system extremely well – how it operates, where the data lives and where it comes from.

That’s why they’ve brought us on as a partner – a partnership now in its second year – so we can help supply chain companies manage the powerful data Manhattan provides.

So when we designed AgiSight, we recognized that many of our customers would be using Manhattan’s software. And we knew that we had to design a platform that would be robust enough to work with Manhattan and yet lightweight enough to break it all down for all users.

Manhattan is one of the most complex databases that have moved to the cloud. It has more than 20,000 tables. This is one of the things that makes Manhattan so good.

The supply chain industry deals with exceedingly complex information, and Manhattan is able to segment and process that data as well as anyone in the industry. It’s the reason Manhattan gets recognized by Gartner as one of the supply chain industry’s leaders.

The platform is a best-in-breed system built with cloud architecture for speed and scalability, and optimizing actionability within operations.

Simply put, Manhattan is a beast when it comes to empowering supply chain execution. You can’t get a more powerful platform.

At the same time, consider dealing with the massive amount of data that’s contained in 20,000 tables. Anyone would need help breaking down and simplifying that much data, and Manhattan knows that.

Our role at Agillitics is to help take that tidal wave of data down to a manageable level. By connecting Manhattan software to AgiSight, we have brought those 20,000 tables down to 100 unique supply chain tables that are usable for generating reports, making long-term strategic decisions and identifying areas of improvement.

All of your data is still there. It’s just easier to work with because AgiSight tackles the 20,000 tables for you. We also help Manhattan customers deal with issues like the data cliff and the need to purge data. That can all be pretty complicated if you don’t have a platform in place that’s designed to tackle it. With AgiSight, you do.

Manhattan focuses on all the big functions in the supply chain, such as transportation management, warehouse management and order fulfillment. It’s also rapidly growing its influence in areas such as workforce management and point-of-sale perspective.

The industry considers Manhattan software best-of-breed for a reason. All these platforms perform at an exceptionally high level, and now it’s all cloud-based.

Overwhelming? Sure, in the best of ways. That’s why Manhattan works with veterans of the system like us to make sure your experience with it, and the value you receive from it, is top-notch in every way.

If you would like a walk-through of how AgiSight can work for you, contact us using the form below.