If you could manufacture a product for less but sell it at the same price you’re getting now, you’d make a better profit margin. That’s as obvious as the day is long.
Yet the business world has always struggled to do this to any level of success that matches their desire to do so. It’s as if the vision here – a lower-cost/higher-margin operation – is a figment of people’s imagination. Indeed, every company talks at some point about becoming more lean and reducing costs. Many make spectacular efforts to achieve it, only to have to come back a few years later and repeat the same effort because the first one proved unsuccessful.
And it isn’t just in the business world. Politicians often campaign on a promise to cut spending by eliminating “waste, fraud, and abuse.” Yet we rarely see such promises fulfilled, either in business or in politics.
Is that because the people making these promises aren’t serious? Or could it be that they fully intend to do what they say but they don’t actually know how to root out all the unnecessary costs?
What we know at Agillitics is that you can’t deal with what you can’t see. And the silos of data in most companies don’t give company leaders a clear picture of what’s being spent – or whether that spending is completely necessary to achieve the highest level of product quality.
So we solved the problem.
Our AgiSight platform shows you, on an easy-to-read dashboard, the total spend on any product from order to delivery, including all logistics costs.
Whether you want to see the total cost to serve or the total landed cost of the item, AgiSight displays it clearly while presenting every detail of the costs incurred along the way.

  • Are you batching orders correctly from a sourcing perspective?
  • Are you optimizing the economics of your order quantities?
  • Are you paying the best price for materials and labor?
  • Is there an opportunity to consolidate transportation when it’s time to move the products?
  • Are you slotting items into distribution centers in the most economical way possible?
  • Is the pick/pack/ship process as economical as it could be?
  • Are you getting the best price and performance on last-mile delivery or, if you’re a retailer, online shipping?
  • How much would it benefit you to be able to see the answers to all of these questions, all in the same place, clearly and simply presented?

Not only that, but AgiSight will show you in each case whether there is an opportunity to do better, and whether an inefficiency in one area is adding costs in one or more of the others.
Often we find that companies are perfectly capable of making adjustments that would lower their costs and that they can do so relatively painlessly. The problem isn’t that the changes are too hard to make. The problem is that the company can’t see the costs that need to be addressed.
Supply chain visibility is an underrated factor in any company’s quest to reduce costs. And the ability to see your data in a unified fashion that offers one version of the truth – without having to mine through various silos to bring it all together and then attempt to reconcile it – gives you the best shot at accomplishing these cost-cutting goals.

That’s why we created AgiSight. Let’s talk today about how to make it work for you.