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Agillitics Retools Web Site to Reflect Emergence of AgiSight,

a SaaS-Based Data Analytics Platform

Turnkey Solution AgiSight Helps Supply Chain Companies

Better Manage, Understand and Deploy Their Data

ATLANTA, March 20, 2023 – Agillitics, an industry-leading firm helping the supply chain industry get more value out of its data, has re-tooled its website ( to reflect the emergence of AgiSight – the company’s turnkey, SaaS-based data analytics platform.

Founded in 2014, Agillitics throughout its history has been developing custom-designed solutions for supply chain companies who found themselves data-rich but insight-poor because their data sat on so many different systems and platforms. Over the course of that experience, the leaders of Agillitics realized many of the problems they solved were common to almost all users. As a result, they endeavored to build a turnkey system that would be easy to implement and utilize for everyone in the industry.

With this first-of-its-kind, SaaS-based platform, clients can view their data via simple dashboards built on clean, unified data– whether it comes through their TMS, WMS, ERP or any other platform that deals in data. AgiSight gives companies a single version of the truth, enabling best-in-class supply chain visibility and actionable insights.

“AgiSight is about not reinventing the wheel every single time,” said Tim Judge, president, and CEO of Agillitics. “It is extremely quick to activate and configure and operates off simple dashboards that unify user data. Now they can instantly see the information they need to drive key decisions in every aspect of their businesses.”

AgiSight is the product of the Agillitics team’s background in the supply chain industry, in technology, and in the science of data. Users of AgiSight will be empowered to tackle all supply chain challenges, from strategy to tactics to execution, including:

  • Seeing the life cycle of an order
  • Getting the complete picture of how their warehouse labor is performing
  • Deploying data to determine where the next distribution center should be, as well as its size and how much inventory it should hold
  • Determining how many workers should be employed at a given distribution center to optimize productivity
  • Discovering which products and customers are most profitable, and finding ways to reduce the cost of serving them

The new website will make it easy for users to find their way around AgiSight, in addition to meeting key members of the Agillitics team and learning about the full scope of the services and benefits enjoyed by Agillitics customers.

The Atlanta-based company employs more than 25 supply chain data scientists and has worked with the leading companies in the supply chain/logistics industry. Its purpose is to serve as a life ring to rescue companies drowning in complex data challenges.

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About Agillitics

Founded in 2014 and based in Atlanta, Agillitics serves the supply chain/logistics industry by providing a life ring to companies drowning in complex data challenges. Through its turnkey, SaaS-based platform known as AgiSight, Agillitics makes it easier for companies to bring forth data from multiple platforms, harmonize it under a Unified Digital Supply Chain Model and deploy it to get better visibility on everything from order lifecycles and warehouse operations to the profitability of various customers and products.