Information Consumption and the Laws of Visualization

The Problem

“Visual excellence is that which gives the viewer the greatest number of ideas in the shortest time with the least ink in the smallest space” – Edward Tufte. Often, it is easy to aggregate data and answer clients’ needs;however, creating a concise story from the visualizations and delivering suitable insights can be more difficult. Finding appropriate, effective, and simple visuals to best represent data is a challenging task that must be approached from multiple angles. In addition to incorporating user needs, it is imperative to apply best practice UI/UX to data visualization. In particular, to truly understand and respond to the user, we have to utilize heavily researched psychological factors within our dashboards. In this article, we address these challenges and help you create impactful visuals. We are in an ever-changing dialogue with data and we want to take you through the journey of combining these human tendencies with business intelligence and analytics to create a better finished product. Continue reading “Information Consumption and the Laws of Visualization”

Artificial Intelligence – from Turing to Today

Artificial Intelligence is the key to harnessing the potential of the future. Articles detailing this have been circling the media universe for a while now but what is AI and why is it useful? To explore this beyond the oversimplified definition of “smart robots”, let’s start from the early origins.

The Turing Effect

from turing effect to machine learning Continue reading “Artificial Intelligence – from Turing to Today”